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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Don't split the Northern Line - my email to Boris Johnson

Railnews reports that London Mayor Boris Johnson could be considering a permanent split between the Bank and Charing Cross branches of the Northern Line. I have emailed the Mayor to say that this is a really bad idea. It would mean that ALL trains to and from Edgware were via Bank and ALL trains to and from High Barnet/Mill Hill East were via Charing Cross (or vice versa). So, if, for instance, you commute from Hendon Central into Bank or Tottenham Court Road each day, and you now found yourself living on the "wrong" branch of the Northern Line, you would have to change trains at Camden Town twice a day, every day, instead of getting a through train right from the start of each journey. I look forward to getting a reply from Mr Johnson soon.


  1. Thank you, I support your efforts.

  2. Thanks, Alan, that's great. Do you live in Hendon yourself? If you could drop me an email, it would be great to talk some more.