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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two jaw-dropping articles

Two articles that today made me wonder if I should laugh or if I should cry. First, Anne McElvoy on "the women who built Brand Cameron". I'd label this piece "unintentionally hilarious", but I'm not sure about the "unintentionally" - this is a sharply-written article by Ms McElvoy. From the Conservative Party Conference, Ms McElvoy reports that: "'Progressive'" posters modelled on Soviet revolutionary posters hang around the conference hall, slogans altered to reflect Cameronian priorities such as 'social responsibility'." Modelled on Soviet revolutionary posters? Excuse me, but how many millions of people were killed as a result of the Soviet revolution?!

I also loved reports of: "healthy food stands serving freshly made muffins and local specialities, replacing stewed tea and stale buns." "Local specialities"? At a conference in Manchester?! I have myself previously enjoyed a party conference in Manchester, and I yield to noone in my respect for the city's many restaurants, but I don't recall any local culinary specialities in the Conference Centre. And when did muffins become "healthy"? What is this pretentious nonsense? It will be hilarious for people to read this in twenty years' time, when this achingly trendy guff will have dated quite hideously.

The second article is the Daily Mail's report of the latest farcical goings on among some of the Tories at Barnet Council (well, some of the latest farcical goings on - there are too many for the Daily Mail to have included them all in one article).

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