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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Wave - Stop Climate Chaos on 5 December

A friend has alerted me to The Wave, a major day of campaigning being undertaken by the non-party group Stop Climate Chaos on 5 December, to coincide with the Copenhagen Summit. It sounds like it will be great fun as well as important, so the more people who want to support it, the better.

Newsnight on Michal Kaminski - deeply troubling

Newsnight tonight had a fascinating, deeply troubling piece about Michal Kaminski, the Conservative Party's Polish ally in the European Parliament. This feature explains what was said on the programme. The Conservative Party should be deeply concerned about this matter - as should anyone who is thinking of voting Conservative. I unreservedly repeat my condemnation of the Conservatives' new alliance with the right-wing fringe of European politics. Churchill and Macmillan must be turning in their graves!