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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why the Lib Dems could win Hendon

The front page of last week's Jewish Chronicle reported that, in Hendon:
"...after a series of allegations about his expenses, (Labour's Andrew Dismore) faces a tough fight with the Tories’ Matthew Offord and Matthew Harris, secretary of Lib Dem Friends of Israel."  
OK, so I'm actually Vice-Chairman, not Secretary, but who am I argue with the Jewish Chronicle? This follows the Hendon Times' declaration that my Conservative opponent:
"faces current Labour MP Andrew Dismore and Lib Dem rival Matthew Harris for the seat, which is predicted to be one of the tightest parliamentary contests at the next general election."
So that's two newspapers predicting a tough, tight outcome with three players in the fight for Hendon. Here are three facts for you to consider:

1) There are excellent, hard-working Lib Dem MPs right next-door in our neighbouring boroughs of Brent and Haringey - proving that this part of London can be fertile ground for the Liberal Democrats, so I can win Hendon if you vote for me.

2) The Lib Dems have gone from winning 20 MPs in 1992, to 46 in 1997, 52 in 2001 and 62 in 2005 - the most we've had since 1923! This includes winning some seats in one go from third place. I believe that this sharp upward trend will continue in this year's General Election, including in seats like Hendon.

3) If everyone in Hendon who says "I would vote Lib Dem if I thought you could win" did vote Lib Dem, then I could win - remember, it's your vote, so use it to vote for what you really believe in at this election.

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