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Monday, 31 January 2011

First up against the wall when the revolution comes...

The father of the chapel (that being the term for the head of an NUJ branch, for reasons that are presumably lost in history - please don't write in, this isn't Round Britain Quiz) in an old office of mine was a genuine revolutionary of the purest SWP kind. He told me that, after the revolution, we wouldn't need debates, discussions or elections to decide what to do as a people, because it would be obvious what to do. Which always begged the question of what would happen to me if I disagreed with the people to whom it was obvious what to do? In any historical revolution, with the glorious exception of the American Revolution, it is entirely obvious what would have happened to me - I'd have been shot, probably on around Day Four of the new regime, some time after lunch. I despise revolutions. My family history, with a grandfather who lived through the 1918 German Revolution (remind me how that one panned out over the following thirty years), does not leave me very well-disposed to revolutions or to revolutionaries. So it comes as little surprise to see this disgusting video. Anyone who says that behaving like this is all part of growing up needs their head examined. I was never that stupid and I would never want to be. If you meet anyone in middle age who used to be part of things like this in their twenties, then be very wary of them - most people lack the capacity to behave like this, and there's a limit to how much most people really change. Anyone who, as an adult, ever thought this was good, is not someone whose advice I would ever want to take on anything that really matters.

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