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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Labour's latest tactic

Labour's latest tactic is to say that Coalition Ministers' "heart isn't in it" when it comes to whatever the Government is doing. To suggest that the Coalition doesn't really want to be doing what it's doing. Presumably, their focus groups are telling Labour that this line will resonate with voters. Balls said it the other day about the Davos speech of the Governor of the Bank of England. Now Burnham is doing it re:- the forestry thing. It's a moderately clever tactic, but it probably won't work in the long term. Remember when the Chancellor delivered the CSR and Labour said that Tory MPs were waving and cheering each time a cut was announced? That wasn't true either, and you could tell (you could just tell) that Labour had decided to say it before the CSR had even been delivered.

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