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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Questions of loyalty

Those Lib Dem friends and colleagues (including my ex-boss the Mayor of Watford and Barnet's own Lib Dem Dem Council Group Leader, Jack Cohen), who wrote that open letter to Eric Pickles in The Times - you'll be unsurprised to hear that I really wish they hadn't. You may have read my previous disquisitions on how if loyalty is the Tories' secret weapon, then perhaps we Lib Dems should take it from them and support Nick Clegg and the Coalition through these testing times, rather than creating negative headlines by attacking the Government publicly. I might have written another such disquisition today, were I not in the uncomfortable position of being ever so slightly guilty of the offence of which I sometimes accuse others. There's the Yes to AV Campaign, in the thick of a tough campaign with the full support of the Liberal Democrats, and I go and blog critically about their campaign. So that the No to AV campaign put my blog slap bang on its website. I was within my rights to say what I said, but how would I have felt if a Lib Dem candidate had blogged similarly during the General Election campaign, providing our opponents with ammunition? "Unprintable" is how I would have felt. The Yes campaign is excellent and needs no flies deposited in its ointment from the likes of me. In light of all of this, I've updated that post about the Yes campaign and the BBC, for those of you who might wish to read it. And if any of you are interested, no, I haven't been leant on - nobody's been in touch about what I said. I realised myself that it was less than helpful.

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