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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Three thoughts that spring to mind

1. At Prime Minister's Questions, I love the way that, whenever a Liberal Democrat MP asks the Prime Minister what might be called a constructively critical question, David Cameron invariably commences his answer: "My Honourable Friend makes a very important point..."

2. Today's World At One on BBC Radio 4 made the startling announcement that Iran is now part of "the Arab world".Who moved it? When will they put it back? This is the most dramatic development of the current crisis and raises all sorts of intriguing possibilities. Perhaps the next series of Spooks will revolve around a secret weapon that moves countries? I'd like England to be moved next to Lipari.

3. Also on The World At One, there was a delicious irony to hearing Tony Hillary Benn chiding Angus Francis Maude about social mobility. Although I do think that Francis Maude is very much A Good Thing.

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