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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Will Egypt disappear too? Ten questions that need answering

  1. What is happening in Lebanon? There has been so much focus on Egypt, that nobody has said anything about Lebanon's current crisis since a brief spurt of reportage at the end of January. Has the crisis magically ended of its own accord?
  2. What has happened in Burma since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the recent 'elections' there, and why does this not matter any more?
  3. When did anyone last hear any news from Tibet?
  4. Has the killing stopped in Darfur?
  5. What has happened to international efforts to get the President of Ivory Coast to stand down following that country's recent disuputed elections?
  6. What is happening in Congo and Uganda, where the Lord's Resistance Army has murdered so many thousands of people, with barely a murmur from British public opinion? Although at least the Today Programme is covering that in special reports this week.
  7. Given that so many people were recently murdered in Moscow by a terrorist from Dagestan, when is anyone going to tell us what's happening today in the Northern Caucasus, including in Chechnya?
  8. What is going on in Haiti, especially since the utterly bizarre and unexpected return to that country of Baby Doc Duvalier?
  9. Has Iran's nuclear programme ceased to be? You'd think so, for all the media attention it's currently getting.
  10. While I appreciate that the media cannot report everything at once, could they not get better at reporting stories other than the Crisis of the Week? Six months from now, will the BBC be reporting what's happening in Egypt, or will it too have disappeared from the news agenda? At least the Tunisians and Egyptians had the good sense not to have their revolutions during the World Cup or the Olympics, when nobody would have reported them at all.

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