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Monday, 16 May 2011

The full story from Israel/Palestine

I came in last night and looked at the news on the BBC's red button. I was saddened to read, reported as the second biggest story, that twelve Palestinians had that day been killed by Israeli forces. It is obviously very sad that these people have died, and right that it is reported, alongside stories such as this one about seven people being killed on the same day in Syria. However, the long list of red button news stories, with the Palestinian deaths reported as the world's second biggest story, did not include, at all, the news of a suspected Palestinian terrorist attack in Tel Aviv yesterday, in which one person was killed. Surely an Israeli death in Tel Aviv is as much news as Palestinian deaths on Israel's borders? Right now, although the BBC website has covered this killing in Tel Aviv, it has not put it on its Middle East News page (which leads with "Palestinians hold funerals for protests' victims"). Do some deaths (and some funerals) matter more than others?


  1. Any comment about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has the capacity to be right & wrong at the same time. Of course an Israeli death at the hands of a (presumably) Palestinian individual is to be deplored but must be set against the permanent 'state terrorism' inflicted daily by Israel on the Palestinians. Apart from stealing their land Israel imprisons the Palestinians in what could accurately be described as a 'concentration camp'. One could go on at much greater length. I find it staggering that a country born out of the horrors of WWII sees fit, and can apparently see nothing else, to resort to such behaviour.

  2. I want to see a negotiated settlement that creates a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel, but I don't accept that permanent 'state terrorism' is being inflicted daily by Israel on the Palestinians.

    I don't accept that as a description of daily life in the West Bank ( or Gaza, especially as Israel pulled its soldiers and settlers out of Gaza in 2005. It is Hamas that controls Gaza, and look what they are doing to their own people:

    You talk about Israel stealing the land, but have you any idea how Israel actually came to occupy the West Bank and Gaza in the first place?

    You are aware, presumably, that prior to Israel's occupying them in 1967, they were controlled not by the Palestinians, but by the Jordanians and the Egyptians, and that they were never controlled by the Palestinians - and there has never actually been a Palestinian state? When we finally create a State of Palestine as part of a two-state solution, it will be the first that the world has ever seen.

    You're aware, presumably that Israel occupied those territories in the Six Day War ( and of the full circumstances surrounding why that war happened?

    Your reference to a 'concentration camp' is intended to be a comparison to the Nazi persecution of the Jews. Given that Nazi concentration camps were places in which millions of Jews and others were deliberately, genoicidally murdered, then where in the Middle East is there such a place today? By what measure is the Palestinian situation comparable to the situation of the Jews being genocidally murdered in World War II?

    You talk about Israel being born out of the horrors of World War II, when actually the League of Nations had begun creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine long before World War II ( What you're saying is that because Israelis are Jews whose ancestors endured the Holocaust, you now demand a higher standard of behaviour from them than you do from other people. Surely they are entitled to behave as well as or as badly as anybody else?

    Your comments sadly have nothing to do with the real efforts that are being made to end the Israel/Palestine conflict: