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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Israelis call for a Palestinian state

This advert has appeared in Israeli newspapers, calling for the recognition of "a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders". This impassioned call for peace has been signed by some very senior retired Israeli soldiers - tough veterans who have served their country in war - so the Right cannot dismiss this as some softy peacenik initiative. The Right can say what they like about people like me, but they can hardly accuse the likes of Brigadier-General Menachem Aviram (a former Commander of Israel's Paratroopers Brigade) of not loving his country. The signatories also include Professor Naomi Chazan, who spoke to such great effect at Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel's fringe meeting at last year's party conference. Do I believe that these people have the monopoly of wisdom? No. Do I believe that there is any sane alternative to a negotiated peace? No. Do I believe that such a negotiated peace can easily be achieved? Absolutely not. But the only way to achieve something is to at least try to achieve it, and at least these people are trying. And credit to them for that.


  1. Yes credit to them for surrendering Israel's security for the sake of creating a 22nd Arab State whose sole goal will be the destruction of the only Jewish State. I think not!

  2. So what is your alternative to a two-state solution? What do you want to happen to the Arab people living in the West Bank and Gaza, if they are not to be given an independent state? Do you want them to live in Israel and eventually become the majority of the population? Or do you want them to go and live somewhere else, and, if so, how do you propose to achieve such an aim?

    You'd better write to Bibi Netanyahu, by the way, and tell him that you think he is wrong to support a two-state solution.

    I want Israel to remain a Jewish and democratic state - do you?