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Monday, 30 May 2011

NATO and civilian deaths in Afghanistan

As a Liberal Democrat, I support UK Government policy on the war in Afghanistan. British forces are second to none when it comes to their professionalism and their efforts to avoid civilian casualties. Most civilian casualties in Afghanistan are the responsibility not of NATO, but of the very people that NATO is fighting against. Having said all of that, it does worry me that more British media attention is not being given to the issue of Afghan civilians being killed by NATO forces. I appreciate that the killings are unintended and accidental and that NATO is doing all it can to avoid them, but I still think that there should be more British public awareness of just how many people are being killed in this way. 

If we are to fight wars, then we have to debate all of the implications of those wars, including the killing of civilians by a coalition that includes our forces. This is especially the case if we are to take the moral high ground when civilians are killed in other conflicts to which we are not a party. 

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