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Friday, 20 May 2011

The Netanyahu peace plan?

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is due to address Congress on Tuesday.  According to intriguing newspaper reports: "The draft of Netanyahu's speech to Congress is ready, and it includes a brilliant idea. On Tuesday, that flash of brilliance will make headlines...(and) will rise or fall on some 30 words. If they are uttered sincerely, with determination and strength, they are likely to be a turning point. If they are muttered vaguely, they will accomplish nothing..." It has even been suggested that the timing of President Obama's speech yesterday was influenced by a desire to pre-empt whatever Mr Netanyahu is planning to say on Tuesday. Mr Netanyahu himself attempted to pre-empt President Obama with this speech on Monday, the full significance of which deserves to be understood. All one can do now is await Tuesday's speech with the greatest of interest.

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