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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Nick Clegg's Observer interview

I enjoyed reading this honest, fair-minded piece by Andrew Rawnsley, in which Nick Clegg makes a good case for the Coalition Government. This piece pretty much sums up what I think re:- where the Lib Dems are now: providing a government that is much better than Brown's Labour administration was, delivering many of the policies in our manifesto and producing results that will continue to become more apparent as the years go by. I'm constantly amazed to meet people who already seem to know the outcome of the 2015 General Election, despite its being four years away - it's all still very much to play for, if, by 2015, the Liberal Democrats have succeeded in selling the party's achievements in this Coalition Government.


  1. Im sorry but Clegg is a bit of a joke. Have you seen the nick clegg rap on youtube? Check it out Nick Clegg Rap

  2. I just started watching that rap thing, but it is very boring, so I switched it off. Is that really the best satirists can do when it comes to the Coalition? Assuming it is meant to be satirical. I couldn't really tell, but then I'm not exactly a fan of rap music! You seen this, by the way: