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Friday, 27 May 2011

Noises off from Left and Right - but can the centre hold?

So a group of prominent people on Israel's Left have called on EU leaders (the UK included) to recognise a Palestinian state if one is declared unilaterally at the UN in September. While several figures on the Right have condemned Binyamin Netanyahu for his declared willingness to make "painful compromises" for peace. I suggest that we expand the UK's Bank Holiday Weekend to Israel and invite both groups to take a few days off together somewhere quiet, while someone else gets on with the messy business of compromise, negotiations and give-and-take. But who? Neither Tzipi Livni nor Ehud Barak seems to be about to grasp the bull by the horns, and as for the Palestinians...The Palestinians have some good leaders and some new leaders. Unfortunately, the good leaders aren't new, and the new leaders aren't good. It is hard to feel inspired by the current situation, including President Abbas. Although I was pleased to see a (for me) unexpectedly positive Jewish Chronicle leader column about President Obama's "bold" efforts to achieve peace, the contents of which I largely agree with. 

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