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Monday, 23 May 2011

Obama brings the Middle East to London

So, President Obama has arrived in Europe, leaving Mr Netanyahu in Washington, but if anyone thinks that the President hasn't brought the Middle East with him on this trip to London and other capitals, think again: The New York Times reports that when the President addresses Parliament on Wednesday, he "will elaborate, aides say, on the ideas he introduced last Thursday in his speech on the Arab Spring and the future of the Middle East". Talking of Parliament, I was fascinated to read this piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about the House of Lords' recent discussion of "the detention and sentencing conditions for Palestinian minors by the Israeli military". Haaretz has also carried this scorching assessment of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's approach to the strategic challenges facing Israel. It remains a fascinating newspaper for those of us with an interest in that part of the world.


  1. Matthew have you ever visited a alestinian family in the West Bank. Have you ever seen what they have to through just so thatyour beloved Israel can be happy?

  2. I have never visited a Palestinian family in the West Bank, no. I have been to East Jerusalem and met a leader of Arab civil society, and I was previously a facilitator for a dialogue group for London-based Israelis and Palestinians (being myself neither Israeli nor Palestinian), but I have not visited a Palestinian family in the West Bank, no. Have you ever been to Sderot? There can be no solution to the problems of the Israelis and Palestinians which involves either side being 'happy' at the expense of the other.