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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Poll on AV - and have you voted yet?

You'll see elsewhere on this screen that I've put a poll up asking how you're voting in the AV referendum, if you want to click on that. The polls close at 10pm. If you've lost the polling card that came in the post, it doesn't matter - you can vote without it if you go to the polling station. If you're registered to vote in elections, then you're registered to vote in this referendum. If you don't know where the polling station is, your council can tell you if you ring them up, and you can find out how to contact them if you enter your post code on this website. Now, obviously, I am confidently hoping that the Yes Campaign might win. But I was wondering, what happens if millions of people vote and there is a tie? Presumably the legislation stipulates what then has to happen. Does Jenny Watson from the Electoral Commission toss a coin? Does the Queen cast the deciding ballot? I think we should be told.

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