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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

President Carter and Mark Regev - read, listen and decide

Many people reading this will find little to object to in President Carter's Washington Post article about the Fatah/Hamas unity deal. For me, this article demonstrates not only the benevolence, optimism and fairness that got President Carter elected in 1976, but also the wishful thinking and blindness to ugly realities that got him thrown out by the same voters four years later. I urge people to read President Carter's piece and then to listen to Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev on the BBC's PM programme (24 minutes, 25 seconds in) explaining (in an interview, in which he is fairly grilled) what has to happen if this unity deal is to help peace and not hinder it. I want there to be a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians - do you? If you do, then spend a few minutes reading President Carter's article and listening to Mark Regev on the radio, and then make up your own mind what you think about this latest development. The one thing that can be said with any certainty is that it is complicated - anyone who tells you otherwise is to be treated with great scepticism.

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