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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The secret of voting in local elections

Ed Miliband is quite wrong to urge people to use the local council elections to cast a protest vote against those central government policies with which Labour disagrees. If you do that, it'll be as if you've ordered an Indian meal in a Chinese restaurant. Local council elections are about who your local councillors are, and which party controls the council. It really is as simple as that. If you are voting in a local council election today, then ask yourself: Which of these candidates do I want to represent me on my local council? Given the powers that the council has, and the services that it is responsible for providing, which party (implementing which local policies) do I want running the council? Am I pleased with the way in which the council is currently run, or would I prefer things to be done differently, perhaps by another party? Churchill said that voters get the politicians they deserve. Anyone who votes on national issues in a local election will most certainly get the politicians they deserve, and more fool them - hence the need to focus instead on who you want as your councillors, who you want running the council and what you want their policies to be on the things they actually have control over.

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