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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Three thoughts

  1. So Ian Tomlinson was "five times over the drink-drive limit". I didn't know that there was a drink-drive limit for walking in the street. Next time I am walking on the pavement, will I be arrested for walking without a driving licence and without valid car insurance?
  2. It is easy to be cynical about Daniel Barenboim and his concert in Gaza. But at least he's a person of good will and at least he's trying, even if peace won't be created by initiatives like this, it will be created by the hard people on all sides eventually being able to do deals (cf. Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness). And it is interesting to read this report of events in Gaza, including the claim that "a journalist said he and his colleagues were harassed and beaten by the Hamas policemen when they were trying to cover a concert by Argentinean-Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim."
  3. And so it turns out that 58% of delays on First Capital Connect's (FCC) trains are the responsibility of Network Rail, and not of FCC. FCC are responsible for 28% of the delays, with other operators accounting for 13%. Another reason not to get into a blame game with FCC about delays on their lines. When I dealt with them over the problems on their Thameslink route, they were willing to listen and I believe that the service has since improved. Certainly, the FCC route that I use to and from New Barnet is very good most of the time. Those who called for FCC to lose the Thameslink franchise may wish to reflect on these figures.

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