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Friday, 3 June 2011

Boris Johnson and my latest broadcast

Somebody once referred to me as "the Boris Johnson of the Liberal Democrats, but without the charm". This was back around the time when Boris Johnson was most famous for offending people and it was intended to be a terrible insult, but I thought it was a marvellous idea. I wouldn't mind having either Mr Johnson's bank balance or his record of winning elections. 

Anyway, I went last night to LBC's Talk London event, at which London's Mayor was grilled by members of the public on a variety of matters, a few of which even related to things that his office actually controls, as opposed to many burning issues that are absolutely nothing to do with him, but which the audience still wanted to ask him about at some considerable length. These people were asking questions about things that matter to them very deeply; coming to this event and putting a question to the Mayor was clearly the only way in which they felt able to plug into the system that delivers public services - all public services, including those over which the Mayor has no control whatsoever. So it would be wrong of me to knock them for that. 

I enjoyed the event very much, but the atmosphere was pretty scrappy, with lots of heckling and people standing up to announce that they had appointed themselves to head various groups that represent absolutely nobody but themselves, and why is the Mayor ignoring them? It was almost (but not quite) as raucous as the Hendon Residents' Forum.

After the event, Winkball was interviewing members of the audience, myself included, so here is my latest broadcast to the world, in which I plumb new depths of profundity and controversy.

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