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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Great news on Territorial Army review

Having successfully campaigned as a Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate against Labour's Territorial Army (TA) cuts, I am very pleased to see today's news about a likely boost to the number of TA reservists. This ties in with the Government's response to my Downing Street petition about this issue - thanks again to the thousands of people who signed. I appreciate that the Strategic Defence and Security Review is still ongoing, but this appears to be a very positive outcome for the TA.


  1. Why do you post this in the Jewish Chronicle? Who gives a ...?

  2. I can post whatever I like, wherever I like, my Anonymous friend, because people like you do not yet rule the world and so do not yet have the power to impose the censorship that people like you would happily impose if given half a chance.

  3. Well said Mr Harris.