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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hooray for democracy in Dundee

A great victory for common sense as a one-sided motion to condemn Israel has been thrown out 24-2 in a vote by the good councillors of Dundee. This motion went on about Israel without mentioning Hamas; it is striking that the council's proposed dabbling in foreign affairs extended only to a one-sided consideration of Israel/Palestine, and not to any motions discussing Tibet, Burma or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, leading one to assume that the motion's framers don't think that those places matter so much. Of course, I don't think that local authorities should waste time and taxpayers' money debating foreign policy anyway, but if they must do this, then let them at least do it fairly and impartially, rather than singling out one aspect of one conflict for unique attention. The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) claims on its website that the motion was "submitted...on behalf of the SPSC Dundee branch". That is a very interesting claim, which I am obviously unable to verify.  The SPSC is a charmless body that has little to say about the meaningful efforts towards Israeli/Palestinian peace that deserve to be supported by all Liberal Democrats. 


  1. Brilliant. Thanks for the update.

  2. please keep it up -

    I want my trust in the British to become alive and kicking again (I am a 1942 born German, so whatever you did to us you did for me giving me the opportunity to grow up in a much saner society than otherwise would have been possible)