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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ian Davidson's neo-apology is not enough

This row about the Labour MP Ian Davidson calling the SNP neo-fascist...They're clearly not neo-fascist, he clearly (with hindsight) did not mean to call them neo-fascist, his own party wants him to apologise for calling them neo-fascist - why can't he just do that? Why, when there are these occasional storms in teacups over a politician having said something silly, can the person concerned not simply say: "Yes, actually, I've thought about it, and I didn't mean that after all, sorry." That's what happens in normal life, outside politics, when someone has said something that s/he didn't really mean. I see no reason for Mr Davidson to necessarily resign as Chair of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee (although the pressure for him to do so will continue to mount unless he simply apologises for having made a foolish remark); I just want him to do what I once did and clarify his words. Until he does so, he looks to me like something of a neo-nincompoop. 

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