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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jenny, I have my own dream

Baroness (Jenny) Tonge has a dream, which she shared at a public meeting the other night. Labour's Sir Gerald Kaufman says that he dreams the same dream, and his fellow Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn was at the same meeting, so Baroness Tonge's dream appears to be as much a Labour dream as it is a Lib Dem one. I too have a dream. Let me share it with you: it is that Baroness Tonge would apply to Israel/Palestine the same intelligence and dispassionate analysis that she routinely applies to other issues, rather than indulging in the emotive language of one-sided condemnation. Were Baroness Tonge to lend her voice to some of the sensible, mainstream efforts that are being made to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, she could make an enormous contribution; instead she chooses to hang out with Kaufman and Corbyn in a Far Left cul-de-sac that even Caroline Lucas is now too mainstream to unambiguously occupy.

Baroness Tonge is a backbench peer and does not speak for my party on these matters (the Party Leader and other frontbenchers do that), any more than Kaufman-Corbyn speak on these things for Labour, but one is bound to ask her: if even George Galloway thinks that you might have gone a bit far, is it not maybe time to change the record? Sure, we're all angry about preventable suffering, including in Israel/Palestine, but it's only when we move beyond anger (and the language of anger) that we shall truly bring about the compromises that will create peace. 

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