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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My point being - it isn't actually funny

Re:- my last post on this blog, about A Gay Girl in Syria, which was obviously an attempt at humour on my part. The point of it being that I find Tom MacMaster's behaviour re:- his fake blog utterly risible. I could possibly buy the idea that someone had done a fake Syrian blog for satirical purposes, especially if they wanted, a la Wag the Dog, to highlight just how credulous the international media can sometimes be. That might have been funny, although maybe not, given that people are actually being killed in Syria as I type this. But Mr MacMaster, it seems, was not being satirical. He was attempting to sell a serious message about the reality of the Syrian situation, by posing as a gay woman who was blogging over there and who feared for her life. Forgive me for being poe-faced, but I don't buy that. By all means write a novel about a gay girl in Syria. But faking a true-life account merely generates cynicism and discredits all of those accounts of individual suffering that are real, and that is dangerous, for obvious reasons. You can find more about Mr MacMaster's exploits over at Harry's Place.

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