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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nonsense and conspiracy theories

Dangerous things, conspiracy theories. I wanted to read David Aaronovitch's book on the subject, but when I went to the bookshop, agents of the great conspiracy (presumably paid by the Illuminati) had removed all copies after following me there. There is a well-known former broadcaster who believes that the Queen is a disguised lizard from outer space, which is why Her Majesty is called Elizabeth, that being a cunning mask for her real name: "E-lizard-beth". It is not inconceivable that anyone who believes that to be true is - I really don't need to finish that sentence, do I?

Away from those conspiracy theories that are obviously daft are those stories that, while not necessarily conspiracy theories per se, are built on similarly dodgy foundations. These stories always involve a report by some official body - a report that those relaying the story never make available to read. They are always covered not by the grown-up media, but by various cranky little outfits that are clearly spurious and which never cite their primary sources - those media never show me the actual official report that is supposedly at the heart of the story. They always involve saying something unpleasant about another group of people, with the stories' propagators giving that as the reason why there hasn't been more coverage; it's not because a story isn't true, it's because, we are told, the mainstream media won't tell the truth, because they are in on the conspiracy, which is underpinned, of course, by the tyranny of political correctness.

This is vile, offensive stuff, and sensible people should know better than to engage in it. An instance of this stuff (with Muslims the target, in this instance) is (or at any rate was - it now appears to have been removed) currently sitting on the website of the Jewish Chronicle (JC). The JC is a great newspaper, and the piece in question is merely one of its reader blogs, which anyone can create - please do not think that it is "an article in the Jewish Chronicle", as it certainly is not. I wonder what the reaction would be if a similar piece about Jews had been posted by a reader on the website of a Muslim equivalent of the JC? Actually, I don't need to wonder, as I know precisely what the reaction would have been - it would, rightly, have been one of anger, offence and disappointment.

And if I'm wrong, and this "Norwegian police report" actually exists, then please could someone show it to me?

UPDATE on Tuesday 28 June: A friend has found a report which appears to be the one that sparked this nonsense. The report says that it would be both "inadequate and erroneous" to conclude that the individuals concerned are "only foreigners and largely Muslim". "Inadequate and erroneous".


  1. Hey Matthew. Thanks for this. Genuinely refreshing to find someone stand up to blatant anti-Muslim propaganda. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy theory because it's a) worse then that and b) far more spurious. At least conspiracy theories do have a layer of truths dotted around.

  2. Yes, I agree, it does not deserve to be dignified with the status of a conspiracy theory. It is just rubbish, isn't it? Although conspiracy theories themselves are just rubbish that's been polished up a bit.

  3. Conspiracy by the lapdog media parading as guard dog press? Get some stones and do your research. Pick a subject.