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Friday, 29 July 2011

Baroness Falkner's OTHER trip to Israel/Palestine

Some of you will have read the JC's account of a cross-party visit to Gaza by some British Parliamentarians, including the Liberal Democrats Lorely Burt and Baroness Falkner. I am quoted in the story as supporting the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government's policy of (as a government) not engaging with Hamas until it meets certain conditions. That is indeed the case; I support the Government on this (and if the policy were to change as circumstances change, I could presumably support that as well). Individual Parliamentarians can make their own decisions on whether, and if so how, it is useful to talk to groups like Hamas. As it happens, I have known Baroness Falkner for years and I know her to be someone with a deep knowledge of the Middle East, who is always willing to engage positively with Israel's side of the argument. In particular, I was pleased to read this report of a visit that she made to Israel/Palestine with a German liberal group, when she met Israeli and Palestinian liberals - yes, they do exist - and others. Baroness Falkner remains someone who has a lot to contribute towards debates on Israel/Palestine.

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