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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bordering on sanity

I cannot claim to be an expert on Israel's borders, the technicalities of which are key to the currently-stalled Israel/Palestine peace process. The same, however, cannot be said of the senior, former Israeli army officers and diplomats who have just discussed those borders (and offered some new thinking) with the people who matter in Washington. One of the group, the (retired) Major General Natan Sharoni, has said, of Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement that Israel's pre-1967 borders are 'indefensible': 
"The 1967 borders are defensible, we just need to define – defensible against what? It's true they are indefensible against rockets from Iran, but so is all the territory of Israel...They are indefensible against terror and Hezbollah rockets...But to say that the strategic depth of the Jordan Valley will save Israel, that is a deception...Iraq doesn't have the capacity to send ground divisions against us; we have peace with Jordan, and Syria won't go to war against Israel by herself."
I do not know if he is right, but this is still a profoundly interesting contribution to the debate - it's good to see people like this engaging seriously with issues such as this.

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