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Saturday, 9 July 2011

If they can do it in South Sudan...

Huge problems remain in Sudan, after a decades-long civil war in which 1.5 million people have died (with that war obviously not being Sudan's only recent internal conflict, either). 170,000 people - 170,000 people - have been forced from their homes there just recently. So the champagne needs to be accompanied by some bitter-sweet canapes, as we celebrate the birth of South Sudan - but celebrate we must. This is a huge step forward. If they can do it in Sudan, after so many decades of war and bitterness, then they can do it in other places too. The day will come when negotiations create a state of Palestine that will co-exist in peace, security and justice with the State of Israel. Huge problems will remain after that, as well. But it will still be a huge step forward.

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