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Monday, 18 July 2011

Rabbi Aba Dunner and Vic Lyon

I am very sorry to hear that Rabbi Aba Dunner has died. Rabbi Dunner was a Conservative councillor in Barnet for many years, being exactly the sort of thoughtful, dignified and compassionate person that one wants in local government. This sad news follows the recent announcement that a former Leader of the Council, the Conservative Victor Lyon, has also died. Vic Lyon was another person who devoted years of his life to public service and who was always reasonable, good-humoured and willing to listen to the views of others. A great many people in Barnet will have gained immeasurably from the work of these two men, including some who don't even realise it; they both made an immense contribution to local life.

UPDATE on Tuesday 19 July 2011: I have just been informed that another long-standing former Conservative councillor, Leslie Sussman, has also very sadly died. He was another person who always appeared to sum up the best qualities of local politics: good humour, courtesy and a commitment to public service.

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