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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who do MPs want as London mayoral candidate?

I've just received the first email to party members from Mike Tuffrey, one of the contenders to be the Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor. He asks: "Are you frustrated at how mindlessly critical (the media) are about the Liberal Democrats, when we are trying to do the right thing after the mess the last government left the country in?" My answer is "no" - I don't blame "the media" when my party gets a bad press, especially now that we are in government and so getting the tough scrutiny that we deserve. Blaming the media is the worst possible approach to media relations. London has seven Lib Dem MPs and it will be interesting to see who they are supporting in the race to be our mayoral candidate. I am supporting Brian Paddick, for reasons that I have previously outlined, although all the candidates have their strengths and could serve us well if selected.


  1. I suppose you have to put up with poor coverage when you run a poor campaign...

  2. I hadn't actually read that Mail article before - it's brilliant. Very funny. Totally sums up what it's like to be a candidate for public office. My Dad advised me to keep a diary of my time as candidate for Hendon and I failed to heed his advice. If we re-select Brian as our candidate, I hope that we can then run the best London mayoral election campaign that Lib Dems have ever run.