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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Daily Mail and my party

I was intrigued, upon reading the Daily Mail earlier today, to see how many positive articles it included about the Coalition - not "the Conservatives", but "the Coalition". Including one piece quoting an expert saying how bad a particular thing had been under Labour, and how much better it was getting now that the Coalition is in power, and an article reporting the Deputy Prime Minister's views on Abelbaset al-Megrahi. This reminds me of the enormous opportunity open to my party, if we all choose to take it. If people approve of this Coalition Government, that means that they like what is being offered by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in government. We must continue (including at September's party conference) to be positive about what we are achieving - proud of what is an increasingly strong record in government. Nick Clegg and others are articulating a vision of what we are getting done - not just our restraining influence on the Conservatives, and not just our special liberal enthusiasms, but the whole picture. 

If this government continues to succeed, then will millions of people want to re-elect it for a second term in 2015? People say that "voters can't elect a coalition", but actually, tactical voting, etc, means that they can, if they choose. My party faces the possibility that people will decide to re-elect a government of which Liberal Democrats are a part. I can't be the only Liberal Democrat who would be quite happy if the next General Election produced another hung Parliament, potentially creating a situation in which the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats might decide to continue in coalition for another five years?

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