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Sunday, 21 August 2011

David Cameron and "the establishment"

I don't know who wrote David Cameron's article in today's Sunday Express, but the bit about "the establishment" sounds ridiculous. According to the Prime Minister's ghostwriter, "though it will mean taking on parts of the establishment, I am determined we get a grip on the misrepresentation of human rights." Who are the members of this "establishment" and how, precisely, do they stand in the way of our head of government and the things that he wants to do? It is a rhetorical flourish in the wrong direction, reminiscent of when Mr Cameron (in opposition) called for the Liberal Democrats and the Greens to join the Conservatives in a "progressive alliance" against Labour. Yes, because the Greens and the Tories have lots in common, don't they? Nurse, the screens! 

The 'establishment' line also reminds me of stories about Margaret and Denis Thatcher sitting in the flat above the shop at Number 10 moaning over a late-night drink about the awful things that the Government was up to - that being her own government, as she was Prime Minister at the time. As a vocal supporter of this Coalition Government, I can tell Mr Cameron not to worry too much about the unseen forces of the establishment. It turns out that the office of prime minister carries even more power than is held by such "parts of the establishment" as lawyers and social workers. Phew. I'm glad we've sorted that out. Readers of the Sunday Express can sleep easy after all.

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