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Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm not a Mossad agent either

A complicated Irish political story in the Jewish Chronicle refers to "John Connolly, a 22-year-old Zionist blogger from Ealing" (whose blog I can't find, but never mind), "who has faced accusations that he is a Mossad agent". This is most unfair - how come he gets to be accused of being a Mossad agent and I don't? It's like when there was a row about MI5 allegedly bugging British left-wingers' phones in the 1980s, and various people were cross not to have been considered important enough to have had their phones tapped. How come the people who find Mr Connolly offensive don't also object to me? It is an outrage. Incidentally, when I read Robert Harris' novel The Ghost, with its depiction of the CIA setting up think tanks as front organisations, I must admit that there is at least one British organisation (headed by somebody quite famous) that instantly sprang to mind. The laws of libel prevent me from speculating about that any further (plus it's probably nonsense).

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