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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Justice even for Hosni Mubarak

I surely will not be the only person to question the efficacy of putting Hosni Mubarak on trial in what appears to be a hospital bed, having wheeled him into the courtroom? Either the former Egyptian president is too ill to stand trial or he is not. If he is, then he should not be in court today, and the proceedings should either not be happening or should be happening in his absence. I am well aware of the gross human rights abuses for which Mr Mubarak's regime was responsible throughout its many years in power (although, incidentally, it is not those abuses for which he is today standing trial), but everyone is entitled to justice, whatever crimes they are accused of. I'd say the same if the accused was a Nazi war criminal, including even one accused of murdering members of my own family - everyone is entitled to justice. This does not reflect well on Egypt's new government.

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