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Monday, 1 August 2011

More on Cuban human rights abuses

Aeons ago, in February 2010, the Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Hendon (who was me) blogged about human rights in Cuba. Someone calling themselves Sacha last night posted a comment telling me off about this and saying that Cuba is actually far more democratic than is the UK. Since Cuba is a one-party state with an appalling record on press freedom, I beg to differ. Sacha will be disappointed to discover that the February 2010 post on Cuba was actually not my first. This is a key difference between liberals and socialists: liberals believe that individual freedom trumps 'equality' as a value and therefore consider Cuban communist oppression to be as horrible as was Chilean or Argentinian fascist oppression; some socialists romantically believe that if Cuba or Venezuela are apparently striving for greater equality, then it doesn't matter if people's freedom of expression is brutally suppressed. I shall continue to say whatever the hell I like about Cuba's appalling human rights record. That includes, incidentally, the case of Alan Gross.

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