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Monday, 22 August 2011

Nick Clegg's speech on Arab Spring

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has delivered an excellent speech on the Arab Spring at the British Council today. If you are interested in UK Government policy on the Middle East and North Africa, then this speech repays a thorough reading. One striking line is: "Successful revolutions may change the world overnight. But, in many ways, it's the morning after that the real work begins...Many of the programmes (the UK is) supporting are technical, bureaucratic, but don’t ever underestimate this stage of reform. This is when you lock in a revolution. This is when you turn the hopes and dreams of millions of citizens into the institutions and practices of a well-functioning state." In saying that (and much more besides) Mr Clegg is confronting the fears of those who might ask: "What happens if a revolution produces not democracy and good governance, but despotism and a failed state?" Definitely worth a read in full.


  1. it's not reported by the news so it didn't happen! When will we start our own channel?

  2. It pains me to say it, but I know what you mean! Because there is so much news around, this aspect of the Arab Spring story (i.e. the Deputy Prime Minister having made a speech about it) has not been reported to the extent that it might have been. Having said that, it is being reported e.g. at: