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Friday, 12 August 2011

Peace on a post-it note

Another excellent email from OneVoice, whose latest signatory I have become. I am aware, incidentally, what bathos there is in a British blogger like me claiming to have any special insight into how to bring peace to the Middle East...Anyway, the email from OneVoice referred me to this Facebook page, with my only quibble being that the bit about Jerusalem is a bit over-simplified. I'd be good at peace talks, wouldn't I? Reagan and Gorbachev would be about to sign, and then I'd say: "Actually, I have a quibble..." Oh. I've just noticed that OneVoice's new 'Facebook community' (but surely not OneVoice itself) "expects the United Nations General Assembly to recognize a Palestinian state in September. We support the action as an important step toward good faith negotiations, within a limited time frame, leading to a lasting agreement on all final status issues". Oh dear. I don't agree with them on that; I am surprised that they are saying this. It sounds like a painful compromise, if you read the actual wording. Ouch. Anyway, I like the overall sentiment behind this movement's work.

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