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Saturday, 13 August 2011

A shameless plug for my mate's new novel

If you click this link and go in by around one hour and nine minutes, you can hear Marius Brill being interviewed by Paddy O'Connell on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, about his new novel, How to Forget. I've read parts of the novel and it seems to me to be an excellent combination of a comic novel, a thriller and a literary novel, as good as Marius' critically acclaimed first novel, Making Love. I have no shame and therefore urge all of you to listen to the Radio 2 thing and then go and buy the book, which A.L. Kennedy has called: "a genuinely funny romp through some of the darker areas of the human mind and some of the more life-threatening areas of mentalism and magic. An engaging and good-hearted read."

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Matt - and here I am shamelessly commenting I guess. Just to say that anybody who doesn't want to scrub through the iplayer Radio 2 show to find the bit you're talking about, just the relevant part can be found here:
    Thank you for the plug, now all I need is the bath to go with it.