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Thursday, 11 August 2011

UFO nonsense is wonderful fun

Another day, another story about the National Archives releasing UK government files about UFOs. This always takes me back to being nine years old and thinking that UFOs were the coolest thing on Earth (or not on Earth, I suppose). Until 2009, there was actually a section of the Ministry of Defence that people could ring to report having seen a flying saucer. It was in or near High Wycombe, and I once walked past an RAF base that I worked out must be the one where these people were based. Today's news tells me that a branch of Defence Intelligence called DI55 investigated UFOs for many years. Imagine doing that for a living. An unidentified flying object is, of course, a flying object that has not been identified, i.e. an unexplained aeroplane is a UFO, hence the Government's boring, killjoy desire for UFOs to be called UAP, Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. Plus various UK governments have been interested in the idea that foreign governments might spread rumours about UFOs in a bid to create hysteria. So when governments (from Churchill onwards) have investigated UFOs, it doesn't mean that they feared an imminent extra-terrestrial invasion. But it is still great fun.

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