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Friday, 9 September 2011

I thought Gandhi was dead

I've only just seen this...Last week, it transpires, one of the Jewish Chronicle's (JC) reader-bloggers (nothing to do with the paper officially - any reader can start one) wrote this short review of my then-latest blogging activities. This might not be one of the notices that I post on the billboard above the theatre to promote the show. For reasons that remain mysterious, the JC blogger concerned hides behind a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi and calls himself (or herself) Real Real Zionist. I see...OK...I love it when reader(s) of this blog moan about how much they dislike reading it. When I was a boy, the BBC used to broadcast a television programme encouraging children not to watch television during the school holidays. It was called Why Don't You? As in "Why don't you switch off the television set and go and do something less boring instead?" I didn't like it, as it was encouraging me to play outdoors when I wanted to be indoors watching the antique Flash Gordon and Tarzan films that being shown on my television set, but I got the point, which is that, surely, if you find my blog uninteresting, then please (please) don't read it. As Clement Freud said to Victoria Gillick when she said she didn't vote for him: "I wouldn't want you to."

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