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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nadine Dorries right about Nick Clegg's influence

I don't agree with the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries about many things. However, she is absolutely right about the great influence being exerted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the policy direction of this Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government. Long may such influence continue! I found this bit, incidentally, while going online to check on a reported sighting of Matthew Offord. Can it be true that Hendon's Conservative MP asked a question of the Prime Minister? What was it about? Dogs? The Human Rights Act? Belize? The parking of motor cars? I shall now go and read it with the greatest of interest.

UPDATE Go in about thirty-one minutes, fifty-two seconds, and you'll see that it was indeed about Belize, effectively, following his recent trip there with the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

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