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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Britain, New Mogadon Man

As Ed Miliband is poised to take the stage to make his Leader's Speech, it really is true what the pundits have been saying: Labour is now the least interesting of Britain's three parties. For anyone who enjoys following politics (regardless of which party they support, if any), the Coalition Government is an utterly new and engrossing story. The politics of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are the only show in town. Labour may win the next General Election, Ed Miliband might be our nation's next Prime Minister, but it is very difficult to summon up much interest in what he will say today - he is a sideshow. I shall not be so childish as to deny his undoubted strengths, but oratory is surely not among them, so this speech won't even serve much as entertainment, never mind having much political substance. I doubt that anyone will even have written him many good jokes. We campaign in poetry and govern in prose; I fear that Mr Miliband campaigns not so much in poetry as in PowerPoint. 

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