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Friday, 9 September 2011

Now I really have heard it all

I'm sorry, but Andrew Dismore is attacking Hendon's Tory MP, Matthew Offord, for the amount of time that Mr Offord spends abroad? In a letter to Hendon Times - can't find it online. This is the same Andrew Dismore that we're talking about here, right? The one who, as Hendon's Labour MP until last year, had a passport that never exactly complained of under-use? As an MP, Andrew was renowned for taking an interest in foreign affairs, which meant that he often travelled abroad. Indeed, the circumstances of his travels proved newsworthy in the run-up to the General Election. It therefore takes the biscuit (perhaps an exotic foreign biscuit procured while on an  overseas Parliamentary delegation) for Andrew to cut up rough about it now. Why must we have this petty bickering? Andrew used to travel abroad as an MP. Matthew Offord now travels abroad as an MP. Had I been elected (cue derisive laughter in certain quarters), then I too would often be going abroad as an MP. That is what MPs do, especially in constituencies like Hendon where a lot of people care about overseas events. Can we all stop trying to score points off each other with this nonsense?

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