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Monday, 24 October 2011

Demo outside HMRC

Attempting as I just was to catch a bus from Whitehall to that barber in Soho that charges a fiver (and they do haircuts as well), I chanced upon a demo calling for Dave Hartnett to resign as head of HMRC. Despite good policing, they (many of them kids) were blocking the pavement something rotten and I had to glare at one of them to get her to move.

The bus stop was allegedly still operating but it was practically impossible to get a bus there, so I went to the next stop a few yards down. There was at least one Free Palestine badge (I wasn't aware that Palestine was Mr Hartnett's fault), and a man with a megaphone complaining that the police had blocked the entrance to HMRC itself (I mean, really, how very unreasonable of them not to allow a crowd of demonstrators to run around inside a major government building). He wanted a show of hands on whether to stay there until Mr Hartnett resigns. I think half his crowd were foreign tourists.

It turned out to be about Vodafone and its tax bill (real or alleged). I took a photo and am therefore now a citizen journalist. A citizen journalist who now doesn't have time after all to get a haircut before his next appointment - it gives a whole new meaning to UK Uncut. When, as a candidate, I emailed Dave Hartnett about older people paying too much tax, I got a prompt and helpful reply; I have not heard anything that makes me want him to resign. Right now I care more about spoilt Trot kids who sit on the pavement and show zero awareness of people trying to get by.

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