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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Joanna Lumley and the Garrick Club

If Joanna Lumley wishes to join the Garrick Club (which does not admit women), then can I apply to join the Townswomen's Guild? Can I go to women-only networking sessions? If I had a son, could he join the Girl Guides? Is it the end of the world if men or women sometimes club together socially in groups that are separated by gender? Instinctively, it feels to me that such gender-based separation is different from separation based on ethnicity, which I would never attempt to justify. Right, having thus further endeared myself to my fellow Liberal Democrats by justifying men-only clubs, I'm off on a short-haul flight to the annual Foie Gras Luncheon of the Lib Dem Friends of the Conservative Party, at which all the waiters will be unpaid interns. Actually, the truth is even worse: I'm sat in East Barnet Library reading a Conservative-inclined newspaper. One that is published by Rupert Murdoch. I'll never be Party President at this rate.

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