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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Seagulls in coastal towns

Turning on my television set, I just caught part of a sensible-seeming Westminster Hall debate on fuel poverty. Joyously, it has been followed by a debate on seagulls in coastal towns, introduced by Peter Aldous, the Tory MP for Waveney in Suffolk. This is actually a serious problem. Gulls' habits have changed, so they do now attack people quite nastily. It isn't funny. Except, it does show that England is still England, that we can have such a debate in our Parliament. "We do have to look at ourselves, as a race, as a people...", Mr Aldous just said. Apparently, things are not so bad in Norway and Sweden. Another MP just said that gulls are a menace in Barrow and Furness and asked about gull contraception.

It isn't funny, as an issue. It does merit debate. I do, however, half expect ARP Warden Hodges to burst in and tell the platoon that it's not their night to use the hall.

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