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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

V for Vendetta

Can it be true that protesters are inspired to wear Guy Fawkes masks by the truly awful film of V for Vendetta? How can that film inspire anyone to do anything other than go to the cinema less often? I adore the original graphic novel, which could have made a brilliant film - but the film that was made was diabolically bad. Much nonsense online about the story ending with thousands of protesters converging on Parliament dressed as V - that surely only happens in the film, and not in the original? I have read it several times since 1988. It is a masterpiece.

Are the protesters dressing as V, or are they (like V himself) dressing as Guy Fawkes? Is V really supposed to be "an anarchist", given what a very precise meaning that term actually has in philosophical terms? I know he talks about anarchy in the original, but then a lot of people in it talk about a lot of things - that's why it's brilliant. There are even people online saying that Guy Fawkes himself was an anarchist - oh dear. 

Alan Moore regularly has his name taken off adaptations of his work; perhaps he'll take his name off these protests.

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