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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nick Clegg speech to CST

On my way to Manchester for Nick Clegg's speech to the Northern Dinner of a charity called the Community Security Trust (CST - According to the Jewish Chronicle ( and Jewish News (

"The deputy prime minister will tell the CST's Manchester dinner that it's "profoundly disturbing" that some wish to harm the community with vandalism and physical attacks. "Not everyone outside the community understands that it is normal for small children to be perfectly comfortable with men on walkie-talkies guarding their Hebrew classes. Or synagogues having CCTV, or major events involving airport style security," he will tell the gathering hours after visiting a Jewish school in the region.

"If I'm honest, I would like to put the CST out of business. We all crave a time when none of this is needed. But, for now, you provide a hugely important service. Not just for the Jewish community - I know you do a lot of work to help other faith groups tackle hate crime too."

"During his address, the Liberal Democrat leader will also say that he "never fails to be inspired by the Jewish community" from the "depth of your religious traditions" and "rich cultural heritage" to its contribution to life in this country. "Indeed the history of Jews in Britain is, itself, a history of some of the greatest figures in British arts, education, business and politics. And when you look at the Jewish community today it is difficult not to be impressedby your pride in being part of a community that generates so much warmth, kindness and generosity. Your charitable work. Your volunteer networks, people who work tirelessly towards the goal of tikkun olam."

"And referring to the community's "phenomenal capacity to work in coalition: Orthodox, Reform, Liberal, Masorti", he joked: "I'd be grateful for any tips."

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